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Ganapati Havan

Lord Ganapati or Ganesha is highly venerated and is known as the Vighnaharata or remover of all obstacles. It is customary to perform Ganesh Puja or homa and seek his blessings for an obstacle-free path before starting any endeavour, undertaking any venture or making a new beginning. Insurmountable obstacles magically dissipate and melt away with performing Ganapati Homa ensuring success and well-being of the devotee. By offering obeisance to Lord Ganapati, the confidence and courage gets a boost to carry out the task to resounding success. It is recommended to perform this Ganapati Havan/Homam if you are experiencing hurdles, hampering progress and seeing obstructions in your path.

Navagrah Shanti Havan

Navagraha Homa is a powerful ritual devoted to the nine planets of the Solar System - Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and the two shadow planets Rahu and Ketu. These planets play a remarkable role in a person’s horoscope, their actions and ultimately, their life. They are a strong reason behind all the contentment and misfortunes taking place in a person’s life. This Homa primarily ensures a complete gratification to all these nine planets or the Navagraha and focuses on removing the obstacles that are mainly caused by them. Anyone who wants to get recovery from the effects of malefic planets can choose this Navagraha Shanti Homa for gaining better prospects.

Maha Mrityunajai jaap and Havan

The Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra is an ancient Sanskrit  Mantra that is chanted for protection, healing and to overcome the fear of death because death is only of the body and we are, in reality, the immortal Soul. The word ‘Maha’ means great, ‘Mrityu’ means death and ‘Jaya’ means victory or triumph. This Jaap and Homa/Havan are also performed to have good health, as our body is nothing but the temple of our Soul. However, the Truth is that we are not the body that we appear to be, still, we must nourish this body as this life is a gift to us from SIP – the Supreme Immortal Power. SIP manifested as us and we appeared as this human body to get another chance to attain Moksha or Liberation from the cycle of death and rebirth. The Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra means, ‘O Lord! Please relieve us from the bondage of this worldly life, just like a ripe cucumber is severed from the bondage to the creeper.’

Kala sarpa Dosh Shanti Havan

Kaal Sarpa Dosha Homa/Havan: If one is suffering due to past Karma, which in religious terms is also known as the Kaal Sarpa Dosha, one should seek to live in acceptance of the results of his past Karma in this life and surrender his life to the Divine Power, from where his life energy enlivened his body. One tries to transcend Karma by realizing that it was his Mind and Ego that did Karma in his previous lives in different bodies. Now that he has Realized the Truth that he is not the ‘doer’ of those actions, as he is the Soul and not the Mind and Ego that did the Karma, he prays to live in a state of Bliss in the Realization of the Truth throughout his life, so that his Karma is settled and he is free from suffering, while alive and at death, may become one with the Divine.

Shani Shanti Havan

Shani Graha or the planet Saturn is believed to be deeply associated with one’s Karma. Shani Graha Shanti Homa/Havan is believed to help minimize the bad impacts of past Karma, so that peace can be restored in our lives. This Homa paves way for the Realization of the Truth that we must transcend our Karma by living in a peaceful state of Consciousness and in Yoga or constant connection with the Divine Power, realizing that we are not the ‘doers’ of the actions as we are the Atman, so that we can have the strength to overcome all obstacles and problems and live a peaceful life.

Drishti Dosha Nivarana Hetu Sudarshana Homa/Havan:

Drishti Dosha Nivarana Hetu Sudarshana Homa/Havan: Just like the Sudarshana Chakra of Lord Vishnu is associated with rotating and destroying all evil, this Sudarshana Homa/Havan is performed to destroy all the ‘negative energies’ and for the protection against ‘evil eye’ and ‘evil spirits’. However, the truth is that there are no such evil energies. There is only one Power or energy that we call, God. Whatever happens to us is the result of our own past Karma but by performing this Homa in Consciousness, when we focus only on the purification from negative thoughts and illumination by choosing the right thoughts by using our intellect, which shines only in Consciousness, we become one with positive energy as we shed all negativity. Thus, we attain SatChitAnanda – a Eternally Blissful State in Truth Consciousness.

Sheeghra Vivaah

Sheegra Vivah Hetu Swayamvar Parvati Homa/Havan: We human beings are blessed with an intellect. We can choose the right thoughts and the right way to live. Marriage is a Divine union of two Souls, where love should not be just skin deep. Love comes from the Divine and goes to the Divine because the truth is that Love is Divine. The Divinity in the life-partner is present as the Soul but the other partner should be able to realize this. This Homa/Havan can help the two partners focus and realize the true meaning of Prema Yoga or the Divine Union of Souls with SIP, the Supreme Immortal Power through the undeniable bond of ‘Prema’ or Love.

Vyapaar Vriddhi hetu Mahalakshmi Havan

Vyapar Vriddhi Hetu Mahalakshmi Homa/Havan: One of the main forms of Yoga, the way to be always in union with the Divine is Karma Yoga or the Yoga of actions. Vyapar is business and it is one of the Karma that a human being has to do for survival, livelihood and also to tend and take care of the basic needs of the family. In this Homa/Havan, one prays for the vriddhi or progress of vyapar, business or profession. Goddess Mahalakshmi is believed to be the goddess of wealth and this Homa is for the prayer to that form of energy where the devotee prays that he would never face obstacles in his Karma or work, there should always be positive progress and wealth would be ever-flowing. The Supreme Energy or the Power is manifested in many forms and this Homa prays that the energy generated by Karma Yoga is transformed into the energy for well-being and wealth. The offerings in the fire of this Homa is towards positive growth and good Karma in profession and business.

Santaan Prapti Hetu Havan

Santana-Prapti Hetu Homa/Havan: We all are a manifestation of the Supreme Divine. Santana means child and Prapti means beget. As the name of the Homa/Havan suggests, this is done to beget a child. One of the most beautiful forms of relationships is that of a man and a child which is one of the purest forms of connections. Just like we are all the manifestations of the Supreme Power that we call, God, a child is a manifestation or a spark of one’s soul. This Homa is performed wherein one goes deeper into his past Karma and prays for the blessings of his past good Karma in the form of the energy to procreate and beget a child.